"Allan runs a great shop. I priced a few different places, and he was patient, and gave me great information about rebuilding vs. replacing, and the price was good, not the lowest, but definitely not the highest. He fixed my classic Mustang in a few short days, and it was 30 minutes less work than the original estimate, so he charged me less, which is always a sign of good service. Honest shop, pretty busy, but I think they have three mechanics, because they had good turn around. i sent my boss there, and he had good results as well."

JJ - Oakland, Ca.



I had my transmission worked on by another shop (MBZ dealer)and they wanted over $7500.00 to replace my transmission, and I called my new freind at Kwik Shift, and Allen looked at my S Class and removed, resealed, and tuned my transmission and after 6 months havent had a problem with it SINCE..... just shy of $650.00 THX Allen my pleasure to recommend him





I had what I thought to be major issues with my transmission. After I swapped my engine, each time I started my car, the O/D bulb was flashing and the Check Engine light was on. My gears did not seem to switch and overdrive was not working at all. I took my car to Alan who ran diagnostics on it and suspected that the transmission was not correctly plugged in. He sprayed the contacts with contacts cleaner and plugged it back in, and it worked like a charm. He charged me only a fraction of what I thought I would have to spend on repairing my transmission. I highly recommend this shop to anyone!


Mike L. - Oakland



I took my 1992 truck in for what I thought could quite possibly be a new transmission. Allan took a look and a day later I had my truck back with only minor repairs required. Honest, easy to work with, great shop!


John V. - Pleasanton



Awesome Mechanics!. Walnut Creek-BOOM CRACK!! underneath my car!!! What the flip was that as my son and I look at each other? No forward motion-at all.Had to drive in reverse back to apartment around the block...thank god it was midnight and no one was around.My friend had used Alan at Kwik Shift Transmissions and gave me his number. Best call I ever made! Expert work at a great price and got the job done in less time then was anticipated.Alan answered all my questions (he knows a lot about cars-which is what you want in a mechanic),pleasant to work with and my car runs better than ever! HIGHLY RECOMMEND for honest,high quality,expert service!


Heidi B. - Walnut Creek